Power Nap HQ

Take the perfect nap

Recharge with Power Nap HQ.

Get just the right amount of sleep to feel your best for the rest of the day.

A short nap of 10-30 minutes does wonders for your thinking and productivity. But napping too long can leave you feeling groggy and disoriented. Power Nap HQ helps you feel fresh and reenergized by monitoring your nap and waking you up after you’ve gotten the amount of rest you choose.

Just set your optimal nap time, set a backup alarm time, place Power Nap HQ by your side, and it will do the rest.

“Naps are great, but you need to hit the sweet spot of length to get any benefit from them. Power Nap HQ is an app that helps you with just that.” – Lifehacker
“The genius behind this app’s design is that it senses and records your movements so that it can determine exactly the best sleep-state from which to wake you, so you will be maximally refreshed and rested.” – The Unofficial Apple Weblog